What is UIF?

UIF is an abbreviation for the unemployment insurance fund. This fund is there to assist employees with a temporary income when they loose their employment.

Who should register for UIF?

Any employer who has an employee who works more than 24 hours per month should register. This also includes the employers of domestic workers who work more than 24 hours per month.

Amount to be deducted.

1% should be deducted from the employees salary, up to a maximum of R17 712. Another 1% should be contributed by the employer. The total UIF amount should be declared to the department of labour using the Ufiling system. The system will then generate an assessment which should be paid before the 7th of the next month.

If an employer is registered for PAYE, the UIF will be paid over to SARS with the PAYE. But the records should still be submitted on Ufiling every month.

We can assist to register your company for UIF, or as an individual for a domestic employer. We can also assist to set up a Ufiling profile. For assistance, click here.

unemployment insurance fund

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