How a eFiling profile works

When you have a company, there are two ways to access the eFiling profile of the company. It is necessary for a company to have access to eFiling in order to submit tax returns. It can be done in the following two ways.

Using a tax practitioner

If you make use of a tax practitioner, the practitioner will add your company to his/her profile. The practitioner will then submit the tax returns for your company using their own profile. If you decide not to use the practitioner any more, you will have to appoint a new practitioner and move your profile to him/her. Or make use of the method below.

Personal eFiling profile

The tax profile can also be added to a personal eFiling profile. It should be added to the personal profile of the public officer of the company. This should be the profile that contains the personal tax of the public officer. This profile can then be used to submit tax returns on behalf of the company.

It is very important that every company has a registered public officer at SARS and that the contact details are up to date. A company can only be transferred between profiles using a one time pin.

Read more about the appointment of a public officer here.

eFiling profile

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