We offer the following services:

  • Private company registration – R350
  • Director amendments – R250
  • Share certificates – R50 each
  • Beneficial ownership submission – R250
  • Copy of company documents or memorandum of incorporation – R50
  • Company Address Change – R50
  • Company Name Change – R500
  • Appointment of public officer at SARS – R250
  • UIF Registration – R500
  • COIDA Registration – R500
  • VAT Registration – R800
  • PAYE Registration – R500
  • Reinstatement of company – R400
  • Annual returns – R70 plus CIPC fees
  • Tax clearance – Request a quote
  • BEE certificate – R250
  • Central Supplier Database Registration – R200
  • COIDA Return of Earnings – R350 each
  • Deregister your business – Request quote

Please note

We rely on customers to provide us with the correct details in order to perform our duties. It is thus important that you provide us with accurate and correct information relating to the service you require. We make use of the Yoco online payment system, which is a very secure payment platform. No card details or personal information is stored by this system. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions.

frequently asked questions

Registering your business in South Africa is crucial for several reasons. It establishes your business as a legal entity, protecting your personal assets from liabilities. This legitimacy enhances credibility with customers, suppliers, and investors, fostering trust and confidence. Additionally, a registered business can access various government incentives, grants, and support programs. It also simplifies the process of opening business bank accounts and securing financing. Compliance with local laws ensures smooth operations and avoids legal penalties. Ultimately, business registration is a foundational step for growth, sustainability, and long-term success in the competitive South African market.

what to consider after your company is registered

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